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Information: Metal Detecting for the Beginner

"Metal Detecting for the Beginner"
  2nd Edition
     Vince Migliore

Paperback, 206 pages, 9x6 inches

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 This is a must-read for anyone getting into metal detecting. Just off the presses, this 206-page guide is packed with essential information and definitions to help you get started in selecting a metal detector, and learning the key technical terms to enable an intelligent choice. The book also includes Internet references to help you in planning and research.

Chapter Headings:     206 total pages

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. What a Typical Hunt Feels Like
3. How to Select a Metal Detector
4. Choosing a Place to Hunt
5. Who Else Can Help You
6. How to Improve Your Technique
7. Science and Your Hobby
8. Your Treasures and Caring for Them
9. Prospecting
10. Becoming a Journeyman
11. Metal Detecting Resources
Appendix A: How a Detector Works
Appendix B: Manufacturers and Suppliers
Appendix C: Check-list Chart

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Help from club members
Detector components
Detector faceplate: MXT

Garrett ACE 250
Phase shift illustration


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