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Information: Mirthful Memoirs of a Male Nurse

 "Alien Hybrid Agenda"

The spiritual dimension of alien abductions.

     Vince Migliore

Paperback, 132 pages, 9x6 inches

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Table of Contents

1. Hybrid Climax                    1
2.   View from 50,000 Feet          5
   Extraterrestrial Hypothesis
   Evidence for the Spiritual Hypothesis

3.   The Lure                      15
   Getting Crazy Quickly
   The Search for Extraterrestrial
   Measuring Beliefs      
   Mixed Results    
   Denial by Academia

4.   The Hardware Researchers      27
   Secondary Evidence
   Radar Returns    

5.   A Deeper, Longer History      35
   The Folkloric World    
   All in the Mind  
   Pioneers of UFO Research    

6.   Enter the Hybrids             45
   Hybrid Case Studies    

7.   The Dark Side                 51
   Multiple Species: Not Always
   Flawed Assessment of Good versus
   Quarantined Earth
   Earth as Illusion
   Karmic Multiplicity    

8.   The Spiritual and Religious
     Framework                     63
   Visions and Dreams
   Words of Jesus   

9.   Varieties of Encounters       73
   Close Encounters of the
     Extraterrestrial Kind    
   Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)    
   Angle Visitations
   Altered States   
   Meditation and Prayer  

10.  Extreme Encounters            93
   Close-Up of Close Encounters
   Amorphous Nature 
   Quarantine and Purification 

11.  Channeled Revelation         105
   Latter-Day Enlightenment    
   A Course in Miracles   
   The Urantia Book 
   Alien/Angel Intervention    

12.  The Event                    117
   Hybrid Revelation

   Organizations                  125


Rear Cover

A major crisis is about to hit the earth. We will soon witness the collapse of physical structures, institutions, and governments. Although there will be massive destruction and emotional disruption, the catastrophe will lay the groundwork for rebuilding at the soul level. Just when you think only a miracle will save you, indeed, a miracle will. This salvation will be in the form of a vast army of humanoid creatures who will guide us to the next higher spiritual level. You will recognize the creatures as a hybrid of human and extraterrestrial interbreeding. They will create schools of instruction for our advancement. They will also prepare us with guidance and revelation. This book is one of those guides.

Buy it for the content. Keep it for the references.


Chapter 12

Earth is being watched. It is being monitored. More importantly, its human population is being nurtured and uplifted by genetic and educational methods designed to speed our evolution. All of this is orchestrated by a vast network of super-beings, creative forces, and groups of entities both on and off the planet. They have interbred and modified our DNA several times in our history, and there may be a program in the works for the next iteration of that genetic uplifting.




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