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How to get your own book published.


 Steps to getting your book to sell on

 1. Submit your manuscript.
 2. Submit your cover photograph.
 3. Choose fonts and page size.
 4. Review edits and suggestions.
 5. Make corrections.
 6. Approve final proof.
 7. Start receiving commission checks.


 Total Cost: $150

  $75 after manuscript review.
  $75 after book is posted on Amazon.com.

 You get:

  Unique ISBN number.   
  Custom designed cover.
  Unique sales web page.

  I DO:

  • I read your manuscript.

  • I offer suggestions related to typos, grammar, and page layout.

  • I submit your work to a Print-on-Demand publisher, which gets it listed at Amazon.com.

  • I offer suggestions on marketing.

  • I send you a proof copy of the book for review.

  • I send you monthly sales reports along with your commission check.


  I DON'T:

  • I don't edit your manuscript for plot, style, character development or any other type of literary quality. That service IS available for a separate fee.

  • I don't guarantee sales.

  • I don't publish pornographic or offensive material.

  • I don't publish hard-cover books.



   I use CreateSpace.com as a Print-on-Demand publisher. If you want a the lowest possible costs, register and use CreateSpace for your project. My services help you avoid the difficult and time-consuming learning curve associated with using such a site.

   I handle all the submissions, registration fees, review processes, and technical requirements associated with uploading, editing, and approving your book project.



 Advantages of Print-on-Demand:

  • You receive maximum profits for your work.

  • You set price, cover design, layout, and fonts.

  • You get fast turn-around time.

  • You avoid hidden fees.


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